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Our mission is to resurrect the minds, reform the hearts and revolutionize today by organizing the movement into formation, structuring the formation into chapters and establishing cadres equip enough to facilitate the needs of The People.



What We Believe In

1st plant 8 rows of Peas:
The 8 Principle Factors:
1.Political Awareness
2. Solidarity
3. Structure/Militancy
4. Deprogramming/Reeducating
5. Social Justice
6. Criminal Justice
7. Conflict Resolution/Mentorship
8. Self Mastery
Next to them plant 5 rows of squash:
1. Squash oppression
2. Squash Injustice
3. Squash Exploitation
4. Squash Poverty
5. Squash Gang Violence
Then plant 4 rows of lettuce:
1. Let Us get more involved in community issues.
2. Let Us get more involved with our youth.
3. Let Us vote on a national, state, & local level.
4. Let Us support & assist any group, organization &/or movement that is working for anything righteous.
And no garden is complete without already 2 rows of turnips:
1. Turn Up for all demonstrations, rallies, meetings, conference calls & protests.. (even petitions)
2. Turn Up whenever needed..

Street Protest


What is an Activist.

[To be an activist is simple, all you have to do is "ACT", wether it be teaching, preaching or just learning better so you can do better. The difficulties come in when ones don't know the level they are on or trying to master. Therefore it is vital for every activist to acknowledge their mental level & not try to exceed pass that until they are completely ready.]
[All members of P.L.U.S. should at least be upon this 1st Level of Activism]
With Micro Activism we know is the 1st level, some may even call it the most important level because you learn to separate right from wrong & moral from standard. So the 1st degree to this level is helping SELF because you cannot & should not help anyone until you are able to help yourself. Learning right from wrong, good from bad & even knowing your rights as a human being. In this degree, SELF not only begins to power up, but SELF begins a journey that shall never end. The 2nd degree of this level is the social interactions with others (more so individually). We have many activists that will not work well with others & maybe this is because they don't understand the importance or the necessity of unity. This is a prime example of one mentally stagnant upon their 1st level of activism.
[All leaders of P.L.U.S. in any Local Cadres should be upon this 2nd Level of Activism]
This level of activism deals on a social level, with races, organizations, genders & classes of people. So we separate this level into 2 degrees as well, 1st degree- organizational membership, 2nd degree- organizational leadership. Note: we are not outnumbered, we are only unorganized!! Not all members can be leaders, & not all members should be leaders, because with leadership comes multi vision; HindSight (seeing yesterday), Insight (seeing today) & Far sight (seeing future), & not many have that.
[All Executive Cadre members as well as any Directors should be upon this 3rd Level Of Activism]
This level has no degrees because it encompasses all 3 levels together. But upon this level , one has mentally reached a level of leadership & has the numbers backing him/her to actually fight, battle & go to war with the Masters that call all shots around us, & those masters are the legislators. No man nor group should go to war against an army they have no knowledge of. Not only will you lose, but you will present yourself as utterly foolish, as well as loose finances, resources & even membership that you'll never get back. Ignorance is a condition of not knowing & to engage in a war , battle or fight in ignorance of your opponent, only proves that you are still on your macro level & mezzo activism is another whole level to itself.

Election Campaign


Where are you?

The caterpillar stage
In this stage the harsh realities of life begin to manifest themselves before the new activist & circumstances & environments aren't always the case either, simply because in some instances the obstacles which may occur might even be hereditary to some degree. Be it so, to a new activist who knows nothing about life itself, it should be seen as a reality check, but we should also know that all reality checks are not "eye openers", & it may take many because one must be willing as well as ready to change in order to change or this will be the only stage. But if it is an eye opener, then the activist will gain enough vision to see the path split; if one chooses left, death or prison is inevitable, yet if one chooses right then one shall proceed to the 2nd stage & maybe even see the 3rd because neither are promised.
The Cocoon Stage
This intermediate stage is the growing stage. NOTE: Age does not distinguish maturity nor should any stage or degree be classified by age. Maturity is the embodiment of responsibility, contribution, understanding & development & the activist by now has acknowledged many passed mistakes & is taking the necessary steps needed to better oneself; whether it be school, getting a job, voting, or simply distancing from past associates.. This new found activist is now mentally gaining control over the things he/she has never had. And this Cocoon has placed he/she somewhere to analyze and understand that warning comes before destruction. So in this stage the new activist sees the struggle for what it is & sees themselves in every brother and sister around them, which makes the one.
The Butterfly Stage
It is important to know that the bed does not decorate the flower but the flower decorates the bed. So each individual activist is unique as well as delicate in their own individual selves. And that it is in this stage that the activist has blossomed into this rose or butterfly that was so destined to be. Question: What is the purpose? The purpose is 1st acknowledging the fact that Injustice is only victorious if he or she allows it to be & that our conditions shall never change until we as a people place forth the initiative to make those said changes. Thus it begins with He or She leading by example & teaching those around them that which is needed to make those changes a reality.



What can be done?

A rally is a peaceful demonstration where leaders & supporters come together to bring more awareness to the public on any particular cause, struggle, or movement.
A protest is a group demonstration that's known as any form of civil disobedience to bring awareness to any cause, struggle,or injustice.
A workshop is similar to a seminar & used as an educational tool for any organization or cause.
Conference calls are meetings done by cell phones or computers where as people gather together to exchange information & strategies upon maneuvers which will better their particular organization or movement.
In a nutshell Propaganda is fake moves used to further their advancement of any particular organization or cause against one another.
A phone zap is a form of virtual protesting where any number of activists unite for any particular calls with a probatum script. The purpose is to tie in & lock down to a particular number for a particular organization. (same thing can be done using email services)
Term used for any design to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate reaction. Most often refers to the use of words or phrases that can be incorporated into scripts, messages, or web pages, which compel an audience to act in a specific way.
The right to petition a government for redress of grievances is the right to make a complaint to, or seek the assistance of, one's government, without fear of punishment or reprisals. The right can be traced back to the Bill of Rights 1689, the Petition of Right & Magna Carta.
Someone in prison because they have opposed or defied the government policies.
Political Retaliation is a demonstration displayed by any opposing force toward an activist for exercising their rights, be it human rights, social rights or civil rights.
Networking is a system of communication whereas the individual connects various activists, leaders, organizations & movements in a pursuit of organizing &/or structuring things into a particular cause, mission or goal.



8 Principle Factors

8 Principle Factors
Political Awareness
First part of being politically aware is knowing your constitutional rights & the second part is knowing how to exercise those constitutional rights to the benefit of the cause. Fore it is important to understand the power of the ballot; knowing how to vote, when to vote, & who to vote for. So if we fail to vote we then lose the right to complain about any of our life conditions.
This is the complete manifestation of P.L.U.S. Power, it is when Positive Leaders Unite Successfully & chisel away with the days of yesterday & today, in pursuit of a greater tomorrow. Therefore our members are to set an example for all of us to follow & guide ones throughout this struggle.
Structure & Militancy
With numbers there is strength, yet numbers with no structure is a problem waiting to occur. Our militancy comes in the form of agitation & troubleshooting. We allow our Local Cadres to function & demonstrate independently with their chains of command to touch base on all issues whether local or national so we can work in a more effective manner.
Deprogramming & Reeducating
The ignorance & misinformation of the people is the main reason we live & go through what we do, through social media, Music, TV, & even clothes, society has its way of programming us to see, think, & believe in certain ways, yet all of this comes from ones with ulterior motives & personal agendas. So now all Positive Leaders must be deprogrammed into right-thinking rather than to what has been accustomed to everyone else. Note: If majority of the world is actually unconscious & unaware of what is actually going on then why would anyone want to think & act like the majority? See once we deprogram the leaders they will then be able to reeducate the masses.
Social Justice
Any Injustice to anyone is an injustice to everyone, & if any sees Injustice & does nothing about it they are a coward & has no right to complain about any conditions in which they face. Everyone is equal! And we all bear the same inalienable rights as anyone else. Though when any class, culture or group is done unjustly its usually because Society has placed them below another, making them too weak or unable to depend upon themselves for whatever reason. So what separates P.L.U.S. from any other gang or street organization is the fact that we cannot lose our focus on who & what the enemy is. And what separates us from any other organization is our independence & our versatility to speak & act upon anything that affects the people Nationwide.
Criminal Justice
Although Social Justice encompasses every aspect of Injustice we still believe that Criminal Justice deserves its own individual Factor because it was the initial cause of our formation to begin with. From start, we terminated the use of the word reform & adopted a more fitting revolutionary term to combat this evil known as convict leasing or modern day slavery & first we must acknowledge the fact that this is a battle & war no different from the Civil War & the only way to be Victorious is to #1. Amend the 13th Amendment & lastly to repeal the 1994 crime bill.
Self Mastery
Self Mastery is the 5 P's at their best: Proper. Preparation. Prevents. Poor. Performance. Self Mastery is self evaluating to better oneself so you can better others around you. It is never accepting the rolls that life seems to force upon us, be it health, wealth or literacy, because if we are not strong enough to fight the internal struggles within self then you most definitely can't be strong enough to fight the Battle's of the people. Self-Mastery comes in the form of: self improvement, self discipline & self determination.
Resolution/Mentorship/Youth Outreach
The goal of conflict resolution is not to decide which party is right or wrong, but to reach a solution that everyone can live with. The gang culture is mainly what we focus on when dealing with youth because the gangs have so much influence on them. So the most effective way to resolve conflicts is to have a multiple part program to suppress the gang violence. With that we mentor the children & even the young gang members in a pursuit to organize crisis intervention teams to offer students, especially juvenile gang members, special outreach & after school programs as an alternative to gang membership. As long as we provide a different path to travel upon, we are doing our part in building the future.



Fighting for What We Believe In. Together.

[P.L.U.S. (Panther) Party is not a non profit organization, nor is it a gang or Urban organization. We are a very dynamic organization, with a more militant frame of mind. And The 8 Dynamics are to explain who & what we are as P.L.U.S. Members.]
1. What Is The P.L.U.S. (Panther) Party?
It is an organized body of activists structured to the resiliency of The People, built with an Executive Cadre to oversee the growth, progress & development of the movement as a whole. Under this Executive Cadre sets a Local Cadre built according to the needs of their particular environment weather it be mentally, physically or economically.
2. Why the name P.L.U.S. (Panther) Party?
P.L.U.S. is the acronym for the actual name of the organization, ("Positive_Leaders_United in_Solidarity"). And Pantherism is the revolutionary ideology we adopted from a more revolutionized group of comrades. And the term Party was adopted to give a more Political Image. So the whole name of our
organization is The P.L.U.S. Party, while +Panthers set as the military component of our organization.
3. What is our mission?
Our mission is to resurrect the minds, reform the hearts and revolutionize today by organizing the movement into formation, structuring the formation into chapters and establishing cadres equip enough to facilitate the needs of The People.
4. What is our goal?
Our goal once established is to educate, elevate and involve The People in a more forceful approach towards legislation and society as a whole.
5. What Do We Teach About Race & Religion?
We teach that focusing on race will keep us distracted from who & what the Opposition is. And Religion will keep us stagnant as well as lazy, waiting for God to change things we are afraid to address &
confront. We are color blind & believe that all men, women & children are equal & should be treated as such.
6. What are our political views?
We teach that all power belongs to The People, therefore we must overthrow the present form of government known as Democracy. We do not ask nor demand that our members choose upon a certain political party, yet we do beseech everyone to vote for whomever is beneficial to the people as a whole. But we believe that all people are equal & that we all have a right to know & determine anything which we are a part of.
7. Who & what are our oppositions?
Our oppositions are firstly anyone that chooses to stand against the truth. Yet our archenemy is anyone that participates, condones or supports the systematic warehousing of our people.
8. What is our organization's symbolism?
Our organization's emblem is an eight pointed black & maroon Compass. The Compass represents Direction & Guidance, the color black represents oppression & maroon represents one escaped from slavery. The 8 points represent The 8 Principle Factors.

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